We are providing some brand textile machines, Laboratory Testing Equipment’s, Accessories, Spare parts & Lab Consumables to user and trying to provide satisfaction at customer level.  


We are service oriented company and always trying to maintain service support after selling products & related things.


Qtex is directed by experienced engineers from Textile, Electrical & Mechanical field.  So, we are always ready to provide solutions on any technical issue & customer query.

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Why You Should about it

Lab Setup, Training & Consultancy

Lab Test is a part of Quality control for textile and leather products. So it’s neccssary to establish.

Lab Test Equipment & Spare Parts

Lab Equipments & Spare Parts are neccssary things for performing the test.

Textiles Garments Leather machineris

All types of machinery are available and ready to support for industries.

Calibration, Machinery, Installation & Service

It is very important to get the accurate output of machine and maintained accuracy.

Energy Solutions

It is ready to provide power solution for the industry.

Lab Test Consumables & Accessories

Lab Test can not perform without this items. So it is most important for testing.

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About Us


Qtex Solution was launched in January 2015 with the view to contributing in the field of textile, Garments and Leather industries Especially for Laboratory support. Qtex Solution is directed by experienced engineers in the subject of Textile, Mechanical, and Electrical.