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Laboratory Pilling And Snagging Tester (Model: 328)

Fabric Testing Instruments Model: 328 Fabric Testing Instruments Laboratory Pilling And Snagging Tester The fabrics and knitted fabrics are easily been pilled in use. According to this, user winds the sample around the rubber tube and put it in the cube box which is 23cm at each side. Every cube box is lined with the


Laboratory Computer-controlled Hydrostatic Tester (Model: 322)

Hydrostatic Tester Model: 322 Hydrostatic Tester Laboratory Computer-controlled Hydrostatic Tester This machine suits to test the degree of anti-water of any thick, low air permeability and waterproof fiber, plastic fiber products, tape, canvas, clothes and so on. Commonly the tester has two types, active and static. With the computer-controlled monitor and easy operation, it suits


Laboratory Rubbing Fastness Tester/ Crock Meter (Model: 331)

Rubbing Fastness Tester Model: 331 Rubbing Fastness Tester Laboratory Rubbing Fastness Tester/ Crock Meter This device has been designed according to the Standard Testing Method of AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists) for testing the rubbing fastness of the textiles and the leather goods. Rubbing hammer weight: 900g Rubbing distance: 100 mm Rubbing


Laboratory Standard Multi-Source Supply (Model: ML4)

Light Source Box Model: ML4 Light Source Box Laboratory Standard Multi-Source Supply Multiple light sources reveal the metamerism phenomenon when samples match under one set of lighting conditions and not under another. By using a specially designed color matching such as multi-light, you are assured of more consistent and accurate color matching at all times.


Laboratory Padding Mangle-horizontal (Model: P-B)

Padding Mangles Model: P-B Padding Mangles Laboratory Padding Mangle-horizontal Specification of roller: NBR rubber coated, with 125 mm diameter, 450 mm length. Hardness of roller: 70 ± 2 degrees and the pressure resistance is 6kg/cm2 Speed of roller rotation: 10~12RPM  (Speed adjustor is optional) Adjustment of pressure: One pair of pressure regulator valves. They can


Laboratory Padding Mangle-vertical (Model: P-A)

Padding Mangle Model: P-A Padding Mangle Laboratory Padding Mangle-vertical It uses compressed air to move the rubber rolling wheel. The pick-up rate can be adjusted to match the production line. It suits the tests of dyestuff, pigment, auxiliary chemical and resin. When it is in conjunction with Laboratory Stereotypes dryer(M-3) or laboratory tenter(M-6), value-added sample


Laboratory Pad-Steam Range (Model: PS-J-A)

Pad Steam Machine Model: PS-J-A Pad Steam Machine Laboratory Pad-Steam Range Temperature range: Saturated steam 102℃ Padding part: Horizontal type NBR rubber coated roller 125 mm diameter and 300 mm length Steam chamber: Total length 6 meter, dwelling time 20 ~ 120sec Water sea bath at outlet Air compressor、washing compartments、steam generator can be added as


Laboratory HT-Steamer (Model: HTS-3-A)

Laboratory Instruments Model: HTS-3-A Laboratory Instruments Laboratory HT-Steamer Effective sample size: 28 x 34 cm Electric data: 220V x 1PH x 6KW Steam consumption: (Indirect) 5kg / hour (Direct)  15kg / hour Steam boiler is optional. Besides curing function, this steamer is specially designed for fixation of the dyestuffs of printed goods. It can check


Laboratory Electric Steamer Boiler (Model: EB-24KL)

Electric Steamer Boiler Model: EB-24KL Electric Steamer Boiler Laboratory Electric Steamer Boiler Water pipe type internal boiler made by special seamless steel tube, strong and durable, long life, high pressure-resisting. Double sealed glass fibre non-conducting device, prevents from heat lost and saves fuel to reach higest effect of heat insulation. Easy to install, won’t be