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Water Analysis Instrument

DO850 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter Kit Equipped with state-of-the-art Optical DO sensor: measures dissolved oxygen level in a RELIABLE and EFFORTLESS manner Minimal maintenance required. Easy calibration IP67 waterproof and dust-proof structure, ideal to be used in harsh environments Comes with a complete test kit, including the meter, 10 ft optical probe, calibration cap, and


Mitutoyo Height Gage

J.A. King has an exclusive deal on the Mitutoyo LH-600 Series Linear Height Gauge for a limited time.  This allows us to offer 15% discount off list price through the end of the year. That’s over $800 in savings! Features and Benefits: Excellent accuracy of (1.1+0.6L/600)µm with 0.1 µm/0.5µm resolution/repeatability. Perpendicularity (frontal) of 5µm and straightness


Starrett Force

Are you in the market for force or materials testing equipment? Check out our latest promotion on Starrett force equipment, exclusive to J.A. King customers! For a limited time we are offering special pricing on all Starrett force test stands that utilize L2, L2Plus, and L3 software packages. Promotion ends December 31, 2017, so click the


Intro to Optical Comparartors

Ever wondered what an optical comparator is or how it can help you?  Maybe you have an old one gathering dust in the corner and you want to know how the technology has advanced?  If so, please join us for a live webinar with Chris Johnson, J.A. King’s expert on dimensional metrology. Chris will be


Why calibrate equipment that can be replaced for less?

  We often hear from customers that they prefer to purchase new equipment instead of paying for calibration.  Commonly this is done for lower cost items such as torque wrenches, tape measures, and infrared thermometers. The argument is that they can replace the equipment for the same amount or less than the cost of a


Other Consumables

Mullen #520 Diaphragm Square Finger for Crockmeter Diaphragms for Bursting Testers UWT Diaphragm UWT Friction Pad & Base Pad/td> Square Cloth for Crockmeter Fixtures for Tensile Machines Fixtures for Tensile Machines Load Cell for Tensile Machines Footswitch for Tensile Machines

PU Tubes Model::RF3184/5

Production Information: Used for loading samples in ICI Pilling Test. RF3184/5 PU Tubes, Resistance to Flexing and Rubbing. Length: 140mm Wall Thickness: 3.2mm Weight: 52.25mm Testing Standards: BS 5811, ISO 12945-1, GB/T 4802.3 etc. Ordering Information: RF3184/5  PU Tubes (4pcs/pack)

Cork Liners Model:RF3184/4

Production Information: Used in the ICI Pilling Box as a backing material. RF3184/4, Cork Liners, Made in USA, Good Quality and Resistance to Abrasion. Dimension: 240 x 240 x 3.2mm Testing Standards: BS 5811, ISO 12945-1, GB/T 4802.3 etc. Ordering Information: RF3184/4  Cork Liners (6pcs/pack)

Cork Liners Model:RF3194/1

Production Information: Used in the Random Tumble Test as a backing material. RF3194/1 Cork Liners, Made in USA, Good Quality, Resistance to Abrasion. Dimension: 146 x 452 x 1.5mm Testing Standards: ASTM D3512, ISO 12945-3, GB/T 4802.4, JIS L1076-D,DIN 53876 etc. Ordering Information: RF3194/1  Cork Liners (50pcs/pack)

Felt Sleeves Model::RF308/3

Production Information: Used as a back felt for ICI Mace Snagging Test. RF308/3 Felt Sleeves, Made in Germany, Good Quality, with over 25% high Shrinkage, very easy for assembly. Dimension: 82 x 165 mm Thickness: 3.0-3.5mm Weight: approx. 1500g/m2 Testing Standards: ASTM D3939,GB/T 11047, JIS L1058 etc. Ordering Information: RF308/3  Felt Sleeves (4pcs/pack)

Phenotest Consumable (Model:RFC0001)

Test Scope: Determine and evaluate the fabrics phenolic yellowing under transportation and storage. Comply with white or pale colored yarn, fabrics or finishing garments. Phenolic test may control white or pale colored fabric quality effectively and complaints being avoided. RFC0001 Phenotest consumables consists of perspiration tester, loading weight, glass plate, phenolic test paper, phenolic control