Accelerated Ozone Tester


A Test Chamber System for accelerated testing for colorfastness of textile or durability of rubber and plastic material due to kfg-2445long term exposure to ozone.  The instrument is based on the most advanced ozone generation and ozone monitoring technologies, making it the most accurate and most reliable system of its kind on the market.

It consists of several modules that are seamlessly integrated together: the Ozone Generator, the Ozone Monitor, the Ozone Controller, the Test Chamber, and the built-in Safety Interlocks module which includes a built-in Ozone Destruct making the system extremely easy and safe to install and not requiring any exhaust fans or hood. The Ozone Generator is based on silent corona discharge technology that produces the very high and exceptionally stable ozone concentrations levels typically required.  The level of ozone generated is monitored by a built-in ozone monitor that is based on state of the art UV light absorption technology which is highly accurate and is NIST Traceable. The Ozone Generator and the Ozone Monitor are controlled by a built-in microprocessor based close loop controller that is user programmable from the keyboard located in the front panel of the system.

The Test Chamber is constructed of stainless steel and fitted with a carousel that can hold up to 24 specimens simultaneously. Once samples are placed in the chamber, the user enters the test start time, the test duration and the desired ozone concentration level.  The system is then ready to run the required test totally unattended. The built-in servo controller ensures that the desired ozone concentration level is maintained for the entire duration of the test.  During the test, the carousel rotates continuously making sure that all the samples inside the chamber are exposed to the desired level of ozone equally.  All the components inside the chamber that are exposed to ozone are made of ozone compatible material to make sure they do not corrode over time.  The Safety Interlocks Module ensures that the chamber door is locked during the entire duration of the test and for as long as the ozone levels in the chamber are not at safe levels.  This prevents anyone from accidentally opening the door when levels of ozone are not safe.

With all the above capabilities, the Ozone Test Chamber System is the most accurate, the most stable, the most compact, the easiest to use and most importantly the safest of its kind on the market.