Bean Bag Snag Tester


KFG-2430 Bean Bag Snag TesterDetermines the snagging and picking characteristics of knitted fabrics by tumbling fabric pillows containing a weighted bean bag within two separate test cylinders.

Provided with eight pinned bars, rotating at 20 RPM for 100 revolutions, predetermined electronic counter.

Standards: ASTM D5362 JIS L1058

  • With transparent Plexiglas security cover
  • LED display and resettable counter
  • Drum size 200 x 145mm
  • Testing speed 20±3 rpm
  • 8 Pinned bars 8 x 127mm with 9 pins
  • Pin length 10mm, spacing 12mm, inclination 30±5°
  • Specimen size 215 x 115mm
  • Bean bags 450±10g