Bundesmann Water Repellency Tester (Model:RF4468)

Bundesmann Water Repellency Tester determines the water resistance of fabrics to the simulated rain under the moving condition. Fabric is held on the test cup under which there is rain wipers which is rotating and rub the fabric underside. The amount of the water penetrates the fabric into the test cup can be measured. And the amount of water absorbed by the fabric can be weighed and determined.RF4468 consists of 4 specimen holders of 100mm diameter cups. Rain is produced by spraying nozzles and falls down from 1500mm height from the fabrics.

Optional centrifuge is available for removing excess surface water from the tested fabrics.
Test Scope:
textile fabrics
Testing Standards:
ISO9865, DIN EN29865, BS EN 29865, GB/T14577, NF G07-058
Test cup sets

a)  Test Cups:4 sets
b)  Test Cup Rotation Speed:6rpm
c)  Test Cup Rotation Angle:100º
d)  Spraying Nozzles:300 nozzles evenly setup on the flat area of diameter 406mm
e)  Rain Wipers Wiping Speed:25rpm
f)  Pressure to the fabric by the rain wipers: 250cN
g)  The height from the spray nozzles to the surface of the fabrics:1.5m
h)  Rotating Speed of the Centrifuge:700rpm
i)  Power:AC 230V,50Hz/60Hz
j)  Dimension:750(L)×780(W)×2200(H)mm
k)  Weight:Approximate 235kg
Ordering Information:
RF4468     Bundesmann Water Repellency Tester
RF4468/1  Test Cup Set
RF4468C  Centrifuge