Circular Abrasion Tester (Model:RF3168)

Product Information:
Circular Abrasion Tester is designed to test the negative ion concentration which is generated by the abrasion of fabric to fabric under a pressure and friction in a circular locus. The negative ion concentration is measured by an ion concentration measurement equipment which is put about 50mm close to the abrasion head. RF3168 Circular Abrasion Tester is designed based on the technical specification of GB/T 310128, and all the parameters meet the requirement of the testing standard, such as the size of the test chamber, the upper and lower abrasion head.

Test Scope:
All kinds of textile fabrics.
Testing Standards:
Polyurethane Foam Pads, Sample Cutters
a)  Lower Abrasion Head Abrasion Locus: Diameter 100±0.5mm circular locus
b)  Upper Abrasion Head:effective abrasion area is diameter 100±0.5mm, down load force is 7.5±0.2N
c)  Lower Abrasion Head:diameter is 200±0.5mm
d)  Lower Abrasion Head rotation speed:93±3rpm
e)  Test Chamber: material is acrylic, with air circulation system
f)  Test Chamber Dimension:(300±2)mm×(560±2)mm×(210±2)mm
g)  Polyurethane Foam Pads:thickness (300±2)mm, density (30±3)kg/m3, identation hardness (5.8±0.8)kPa
h)  Polyurethane Foam Pads:diameter (98±1)mm and (198±1)mm
i)  Power Supply: AC230V, 50Hz
j)  Dimension:580(L)×410(W)×430(H)mm
k)  Weight:approx. 45kg
Ordering information:
RF3168     Circular Abrasion Tester
RF3168/1  Polyurethane Foam Pads:diameter (105±1)mm
RF3168/2  Polyurethane Foam Pads:diameter (198±1)mm
RF3168/3  2201 Wool Abradent Fabric
RF7107     Dia.113mm Sample Cutter
RF7102     Dia.213mm Sample Cutter