Color Assessment Cabinet (Model:RF8120EU)

Product Information:
For the visual assessment of color under controlled and standard light conditions. RF8120EU provides 6 light sources, D65, TL84, CWF, F, UV, TL83. Large viewing area, cost-effectively. Light sources combination freely.

Light Source Specifications:

a)  Time display for each light source
b)  6 light sources:
i. D65 2pcs
ii. TL84 2pcs
iii. CWF 2pcs
iv. F 6pcs
v. UV 1pc
vi. TL83 2pcs
c)  Instant light, no need warm up
d)  Large viewing area, easy for assessment of large specimens
e)  Free combination of light sources
f)  Optional 45º viewing board
g)  Power Supply: AC230V, 50Hz
h)  Dimensions: Out 1310(W)x600(D)x800(H)mm, internal 1280(W)x590(D)x590mm(H)
i)  Weight: approx. 60kg
Order information:
RF8120EU     Color Assessment Cabinet
RF8120EU/1  D65 lamp
RF8120EU/2  TL84 lamp
RF8120EU/3  CWF lamp
RF8120EU/4  F lamp
RF8120EU/5  UV lamp
RF8120EU/6  TL83 lamp
RF8120EU/7  45º viewing board