Colorfastness to Washing and Dry Cleaning Testers



Determines color fastness to washing and dry cleaning to ISO and AATCC standards. Programmer determines water bath temperature and rotational speeds in accordance with test methods selected.

More Information:

Stainless Steel Rotor holds 8 or 12 stainless steel specimen containers of 550ml or 1200ml capacity.

Stainless Steel Balls or Discs assist in sample agitation during rotation of the containers within the heated water bath.

KFG–2050A: Capacity 8 Specimen containers x 550ml or 1200ml
KFG–2050B: Capacity 12 Specimen Containers x 550ml or 1200ml

Specimen Containers & AccessoriesKFG-2051
KFG–2051: 550ml Specimen Containers
KFG–2052: 1200ml Specimen Containers

Other Accessories
KFG–2053: 6mm dia Stainless Steel Balls for AATCC/ISO Wash Tests (Pack of 250)
KFG–2054: 10mm dia Rubber Balls for AATCC 1B Wash Test (Pack of 200)
KFG–2055: Stainless Steel Discs for AATCC/ISO Dry Cleaning Tests (Pack of 25)
KFG–2056: Neoprene Seals for Specimen for 550 ml Specimen Containers (Pack of 8 )
KFG–2057: Neoprene Seals for Specimen for 1200 ml Specimen Containers (Pack of 8 )