Crease Recovery Tester (Model:RF3301)

Product Information:
Crease Recovery Tester is used to test a fabric specimen which folded under a predetermined load in a preset of time then release, transfer the specimen to the recovery scale’s specimen holder. Record the crease recovery angle.RF3301 Crease Recovery Tester included folding stand, loading weight, crease recovery scale tester and specimen holder.

Test Scope:
Any kinds of textiles, but not applicable to soft or easy to curly fabrics
Test Standards:
AATCC 66, SB EN 22313, ISO 2313, M&S P22 and GB/T 3819
Test Paper 200×300mm

a)  Dial Scale: 0˚-180˚
b)  Loading Weight: 500g, 1000g, 1000g
c)  Stainless Steel Specimen Holder: 1 unit
d)  Specimen Cutting Board: 2 pieces
e)  Test Paper: 200×300mm (100 pieces)
f)  Overall Dimension: 250(L)×220(W)×360(H)mm
g)  Weight: Approximate 3kg
Order information:
RF3301     Crease Recovery Tester
RF3301/1  Stainless Steel Specimen Holder
RF3301/2  Test Paper 200×300mm (100 pieces)