Dry Cleaning & Washing Cylinder (Model:RF6058)

Product Information:
Dry Cleaning & Washing Cylinder used to determine the colorfastness to dry cleaning and chlorinated pool water, also it can suitable for preparing the specimen before flammability testing.RF6058 Dry cleaning & washing cylinder included bracket, stainless steel dry cleaning cylinder and electric control case. Rotation speed of the cylinder could be adjusted and testing time could be set.

Test Scope:
All textile products
Test Standards:
AATCC 162, 16CFR Part 1610
Washing Cylinder Sealing Ring

a)  Dimension of stainless steel cylinder: 13inch (H), 8.75inch (Dia.), Capacity of Cylinder 7650mL
b)  Rotation speed of cylinder: 45-50rpm (adjustable)
c)  Rotation axis angle of cylinder: 50º
d)  Rotating cylinder with electric control function
e)  Cylinder with automatic lock function
f)  Power Supply: AC230V 50Hz/60Hz
g)  Overall dimension: 750(L)×500(W)×600(H)mm
h)  Weight: approximate 50kg
Order information:
RF6058     Dry Cleaning & Washing Cylinder
RF6058/1  Washing Cylinder Sealing Ring