Drying Rate Tester–Balance Method (Model:RF4008)

Drying Rate Tester–Balance Method,a special designed PC software, connected with high precision digital balance, online monitoring the weight of the fabric which had been added a specified amount of water, analyze the dry time and drying rate of the tested fabrics.

RF4008 software can connect up to 6 digital balances and conduct test simultaneously. Data can be transferred from digital balances to PC through USB cables. Testing progress can be observed through PC software and is display by curves and tables. Test report is exported to Microsoft Excel for easy analysis and printing. The stop conditions can be set through software: test time or dry percentage is selectable.

Test Scope:
Knitted fabrics or any quick-dry fabrics.
Testing Standards:
GB/T 21655.1, AATCC, Intertek, Adidas testing standards or methods。

a)  Specially designed software, can connect up to 6 digital balance simultaneously.
b)  Connection: USB to RS232 cables;
c)  Test interface: curve and tables;
d)  Test report: Microsoft Excel, automatically saved;
e)  Test stop condition: test time or dry percentage
Order Information:
RF4008     Drying Rate Tester Software
RF4008/1  3 digit Mettler Digital Balance (Resolution:0.001g)
RF4008/2  4 digit Mettler Digital Balance (Resolution:0.0001g)
RF4008/3  Computer (with 6 or 8 USB ports)
RF4008/4  Sample Rack (horizontal placed)
RF4008/5  Sample Rack (vertical placed)
RF4008/6  USB Cable