Drying Rate Tester-Heated Plate Method (Model:RF4008HP0

Drying Rate Tester-Heated Plate Method,is based on the requirement of US AATCC201 testing standard, specially developed an automatic fabric drying rate tester.

RF4008HP Drying Rate Tester, equipped with high precision hot-wire anemometer, IR thermocouple, PT100 temperature sensor, precision water dripping system, precision air flow control system and the air flow funnel designed based on the Fluid Dynamics Theory, together with PC software, automatically finishes a series of jobs, such as the dry time and dry rate tests, and data analysis. It greatly improves the working efficiency and the measurement accuracy, significantly reduces the difference and mistakes which may be introduced by operators.Data transfer from the main machine to PC through USB cable. Data and curves can be saved and printed by the operators easily.

Test Scope:
All types of fabrics, including knits, wovens and non-wovens, as well as fabrics taken from end product items。
Testing Standards:
a)  Fan Box:Generate 1.5m/s air flow
b)  Heated Plate: 305mm×305mm±1mm
c)  Flexible Heater:305mm×305mm±1mm
d)  Insulation Cork Liner:305mm×305mm±1mm
e)  Sample Holder (metal bar): 150mm×40mm×2mm±1mm
f)  Heated Plate Temperature: 37±0.5ºC (with over heat protection)
g)  Air Velocity:0-2.5m/s±0.1m/s
h)  IR thermocouple:15-50ºC±0.1ºC
i)  Water Dripping Accuracy:0-1ml±0.0005ml
j)  Data Transfer:USB cable
k)  Test Interface:Curves and tables
l)  Test Report:Automatic saved and easy print
m)  Power:AC 230V,50Hz/60Hz
n)  Dimension: 500(L)×500(W)×300(H)mm
o)  Weight:Approximate 45kg
Order Information:
RF4008HP     Drying Rate Tester Main Machine + Software
RF4008HP/1  Drying Rate Tester Software
RF4008HP/2  Computer
RF4008HP/3  Sample Holder
RF4008HP/4  USB Cable