Eco Dyer Laboratory Dyeing Machine


  • New heat-conducting technology, to avoid uneven heating for individual beakersKFG-2560 Eco Dyer Laboratory Dyeing Machine
  • Axial type rotary system with 360 degree rotation for level dyeing
  • Lowest energy consumption compared to Glycerin or Infrared machines
  • In-pot sensor is not required, eliminating temperature probe
  • Air cooling system, no water piping is required
  • The rotary disc has an infinitely variable drive
  • The direction of rotation is automatically reversed in intervals to meet all of dyeing application
  • Dye pots and pot positions are numbered to avoid operating errors
  • Armored observation window in door
  • Beakers are manufactured from stainless steel 316L, produced by pressing, not welding
  • Patented design for chemical addition system, ECO Dyer uses “ONE TOUCH” injection system, no syringes required.
  • Temperature range 20-140ºC
  • Heating consumption 4.5 KW
  • Rate of temperature rise 0.5~4ºC/min
  • Rotating drum with 18 positions of 420 cc beakers or 24 positions of 300 cc beakers
  • “ONE TOUCH“ injection lids with reserve cup
  • LA2010 Microprocessor temp. Controller
  • Dyeing programming and monitoring via 128x 64 graphical screen
  • 50 programs x 50 steps
  • Power connection: 220/240V x 1PH x 50 or 60HZ
  • Weight 150 kg (330 lbs)
  • Dimensions 690 mm (27”) W x 730 mm (29”) D x 750 mm (30”) H


KFG-2560A ECO DYER with 18 beakers of 420 cc capacity

KFG-2560B ECO DYER with 24 beakers of 300 cc capacity