Elastic Material Flexing Tester (Model:RF3608)

Elastic Material Flexing Tester is designed to determine the flexing property of elastic ribbon or elastic materials.
RF3608 consists of high accuracy linear actuator, servo motor and motor controller, touch screen controller. It’s capable of controling the elongation percent of the elastic material accurately, and the flexing speed and cycles. The original length of the material (sample) can be set easily. There are two test modes: single-segment test mode and multi-segment test mode.
Test Scope:
all kinds of elastic materials
Testing Standard:
GB/T xxxx (to be determined)

a)  7”touchscreen control
b)  Sample Length:Max. 254mm(10”)
c)  Elongation Percentage %:0-100%
d)  Flexing Speed:0-20 strokes/min
e)  Sample Holder Position Auto Return Function
f)  Test mode can be set:
•  Single-segment test mode(flexing cycles, sample length, elongation percentage, flexing
speed can be set)
•  Multi-segment test mode(flexing cycles, sample length, elongation percentage, flexing
speed, segment length, stay time can be set)
g)  Elongation percentage and flexing speed can be calibrated
h)  Power:AC230V 50Hz/60Hz
i)  Dimension:870(L)×580(W)×400(H)mm
j)  Weight:Approximate 80kg
Ordering Information:
RF3608  Elastic Material Flexing Tester