Fabric Roll inventory made simple ! Measure roll length, weight and fabric yield without tedious unrolling and rerolling. This complete system determines fabric yield in ounces per square yard or grams per square meter using the King sample cutter and yield balance. Based on the accurately measured roll weight and width the integrated digital controller determines the roll length in yards or meters and can print a bar-coded and time/ date stamped ticket to attach to the fabric roll.
The system is available as a static mains-powered table- mounted system or mounted on a sturdy cart with a battery op- erated rechargeable power supply for use anywhere in the ware- house.


KRC-3PSpecifications (portable) KRC-3P
Aluminum v-pan fabric roll cradle 15” wide x 60” long with
two electronic scale bases, total 500 lbs. capacity with program-
mable digital indicator on tower with remote push button sta-
tion. Displays all parameters including roll weight and width, fabric yield, core weight (tare), roll length, date, time and roll identifiers.
UYS-AV212-2 Fabric yield system including SASD-688 manual sample cutter and AV-212-2 electronic yield balance to determine fabric yield in oz/sq. yd or g/sq. m.

Rechargeable battery operated electric scissors to cut yield sample from fabric width and steel tape measure to determine fabric width.
Hand-held bar code reader and label/barcode printer. Export Comma Delimi- tated Text file with serial cable. All connections and cables as required.

ISO 17025 Calibration including certificates. Operation manuals. Up to 3 hours of telephone training support.
All equipment securely mounted on heavy duty mobile cart with DC (battery) power supply and charging station.

Specifications (static) KRC-3S
As portable unit but without cart or power supply system, requires standard electrical power and suitable platform or table