Fabric Stiffness Tester (Model:RF3302)

Product Information:
Fabric Stiffness Tester used for testing the anti-bending of fabric performance.RF3302 Fabric Stiffness Tester included bending stand, scale ruler and mirror, etc. It may measure the bending height, flexural rigidity and bending modulus.

Test Scope:
Most textiles, such as woven fabrics, air bag fabrics, knitted fabrics, layered fabrics, etc.
Test Standards:
ASTM D1388, BS 3356, DIN 53362 and ERT 50-2
Scale Ruler

a)  Stiffness Dial Scale
b)  Reflection Mirror
c)  Specimen Cutting Template
d)  Overall Dimension: 350(L)×160(W)×200(H)mm
e)  Weight: Approximate 4kg
Order information:
RF3302     Fabric Stiffness Tester
RF3302/1  Reflection Mirror
RF3302/2  Specimen Cutting Template