Fiber Strength Testing System

KFY-1100F Fiber Strength Testing SystemFiber Strength Testing System

Using a high quality fiber strength testing system is mission critical. Fibers form the basis of an extensive range of yarns, fabrics and technical textile products. It is essential that elongation and tensile strength is monitored at all stages of production to ensure the base material is suited to the requirements of the finished product. To conduct tests on such fragile material it is necessary that a highly precise delicate fiber strength testing system is used. We offer a tester specifically designed for this purpose. It has precision force measurement with a capacity resolution of 500gf x 0.01g and smooth precise crosshead movement with up to 300mm travel x 0.001mm resolution.

Due to the delicate nature of both natural and synthetic fibers very special grips are required using a fiber strength testing system. They need to have excellent gripping characteristics and be lightweight yet strong. We have developed pneumatic grips made from special alloy that meet all these requirements in our fiber strength testing system. They have hands free operation which is essential for testing such fine materials and are provided with footswitch controls.

We provide comprehensive software in our fiber strength testing system for highly advanced fiber testing. It has pre-defined test methods to international standards that include all relevant calculations including tensile strength, elongation, and tenacity among others. Includes graphical results, reports analysis and archiving.