Fryma Fabric Extensiometer (Model:RF3508)

Product Information:
Fryma Fabric Extensiometer determines stretch and recovery of woven and knit fabric. RF3508 Fryma Fabric Extensiometer includes Main Rack, Specimen Clip, Loading Weights, Scale Ruler, Rotary Extension Device, and Specimen Template.

Test Scope:
Most textile product
Test Standard:
BS 4294
Loading weight, Cutting Template, Scale

a)  Rotary Extension Device
b)  Specimen Clip
c)  Specimen Template
d)  Loading weight: 3kg, 2 unit
e)  Scale Ruler
f)  Overall dimension: 250(L)×500(W)×100(H)mm
g)  Weight: Approximate 20kg
Order information:
RF3508     Fryma Fabric Extensiometer
RF3508/1  Loading Weight 3kg
RF3508/2  Specimen Template
RF3508/3  Specimen Template