Gakushin Type Rubbing and Colorfastness Tester


KFG-2035 Gakushin Type Rubbing and Colorfastness TesterA six station bench top machine used for evaluating a material resistance to rubbing motion.

Each station includes a pair of suitable clamps for attaching the test sample t the moving platen and a weighted rubbing arm with two suitable clamps for attaching the rubbing material.

The operator loads as many stations as desired and flips back the rubbing arms on the unused stations.

The desired number of test cycles is entered on the cycle counter and the test is started. Once the cycle count is reached the machine will automatically stop.

Test samples are visually evaluated. This is a heavy duty machine capable of operating with 1300g of weight on each station.


  • Cycle counter with automatic stop
  • Two complete set of test heads, one set of test head weighing 200 grams each and one set of test heads weighing 500 grams each
  • A complete set of additional weights six of 100 grams, six of 300 grams, six of 400 grams, and six of 800 grams. All weights fit both 200 and 500 gram test heads
  • Each test arm is counterbalanced to offset its own weight
  • 1/8 H P. 90 VDC motor with an internal adjustable speed control


JIS L0823 Section 3 2
JIS L0849 Type 11
Mazda MES MN 405
Nissan NES M0155
Section 16
JIS 10801
JIS 0862
JIS 1084
TR 396B