Gas Fume Chamber (Model:RF1106)

  • Product Information:
    Gas Fume Chamber is used to determine the colorfastness of textiles when is exposed to atmospheric oxides of nitrogen derived from the combustion of chemically-pure gas.RF1106 Gas Fume Chamber includes burning chamber, test chamber, control chamber, exhaust pipes with air circulation system, special explosion-proof solenoid valves, dual fuel gas leak alarm, fire detectors and touch-screen control system.
  • Test Scope:
    For all textiles unless loose fiber
    Testing Standards:
    AATCC 23、ISO 105 G02、GB/T 11039
    Control Fabric
  • Gas Fume Chamber
    1.  Touch screen controller can set test time and temperature. Also, it can set the running conditions for the exhaust fan, pressure regulation fan and the air circulation fan.
    2.  It can accept the gas leakage alarm signal from the combustion chamber and control chamber.
    3.  It can also accept the flame detector signals to control the gas solenoid valve.
    a)  7 inch touch screen LCD display
    b)  The speed of sample rack: 0-8 rpm (adjustable)
    c)  Exhaust fan, Pressure Regulation fan and Air Circulating fan can be set through the touch screen
    d)  Sample Clip:16 pcs (Stainless Steel)
    e)  Power Supply:AC230V, 50Hz/60Hz
    f)  Dimension:800(L)×680(W)×1200(H)mm
    g)  Weight:approx.100kg
    Order information:
    RF1106     Gas Fume Chamber
    RF1106/1  Stainless Steel Clip (pack of 20 pcs)
    RF1106/2  Control Fabric (roll of 50 meters)
    RF1106/3  Bunsen Burner