Gas Fume Chamber


Gas Fume ChamberThe Gas Fume Chamber is used to determine the colorfastness of textiles when exposed to atmospheric oxides of nitrogen derived from the combustion of chemically-pure butane gas or town gas.

Related Standards:KFG-2440 Gas Fume Chamber

ISO 105-G02

  • PLC control
  • Transparent window
  • Revolving speed of sample rack- 2 rpm
  • Test chamber-Made of SS, interior diameter of 550mm
  • Number of bars for mounting samples 6
  • Test temperature- ≤60℃
  • Sample size- 40×100mm
  • Control mode- PLC control
  • Gas required- Butane gas (Chemically pure) or town gas

Dimensions: 650×620×820mm (L×W×H)
Weight: Approx. 75kg
Power supply: AC220V 50Hz 3A