ICI Pilling Tester


KFG-2370 ICI Pilling Tester The ICI Pilling Tester fulfills the requirement of BS EN ISO 12945 part 1: 2001 – Determination of Fabric Propensity to Surface Fuzzing and Pilling.

Available in two or four box versions.

Standard accessories supplied with each ICI Pilling Tester:

  •  Polyurethane Pilling Tubes (Four per box)
  • Cutting Template
  • Pilling Tube mounting jig
  • Photographic Standards
  • PVC Adhesive Tape

Consumable Products:

KCT-3155- Polyurethane sample tubes (pack of 4)
KCT-3156- Unmounted cork liners for pilling box (pack of 6)