Infrared Laboratory Dyeing System


KFG-2550 Infrared Laboratory Dyeing System



This new Infra-Red Laboratory Dyeing System is a state-of-the-art dyeing unit.

The air cooled IR unit addresses a wide range of dyeing and testing requirements at an affordable price.

The unit produces accurate laboratory sample dyeing with outstanding levelness and reproducibility.

It can accommodate many different beaker sizes and quantities maximizing the versatility of the machine to change as your requirements change.

  • Multiple beaker configurations (20 x 150 cc, 15 x 300 cc, 8 x 500 cc, 8 x 1000 cc,1 x 5000 cc)
  • Membrane dosing included. High-grade precision stainless steel construction
  • New controller interface uses symbols to relay programming information, eliminating the need for language translations
  • New See-through Door
  • High temperature glass protected by a heat shield allows the user to visibly see the beaker motion in action
  • New Temperature Sensor
  • High efficiency Infra-Red lamps and high output air cooling system reduce energy consumption
  • Up to 20 dyeing positions available, many beaker sizes available, adaptable as the needs of the dye lab change
  • Low liquor ratio capable, down to 1:5 (natural fibers) or 1:3 (synthetic fibers)
  • Beaker agitation options that offer smooth or aggressive agitation given the specific substrate requirement. Speeds 5-50 rpm with reversing
  • Up to 99 programs of 15 steps available to be stored locally for easy recall
  • Dyeing temperature measured inside the beaker
  • Standard operating package includes tools, spare temp probe, spare beaker seals, gaskets, membranes and 10cc injector syringe with spare needles
  • Recommended sample sizes: for 150cc beaker-5g, for 300cc beaker-10g, for 500cc beaker-25g, for 1000cc beaker-50g, for 1000cc container-250g
  • Dimensions: 600 mm (24”) W x 650 mm (26”) D x 870 mm (34”) H
  • Weight: 73 kg (160 lbs)
  • Electrical 220/240v AC, 50/60hz, 1ph


Infra-Red Laboratory Dyeing System with 20 beakers x 150cc, membrane dosing


Infra-Red Laboratory Dyeing System with 15 beakers x 300cc, membrane dosing


Infra-Red Laboratory Dyeing System with 8 beakers x 500cc, membrane dosing


Infra-Red Laboratory Dyeing System with 8 beakers x 1000cc, membrane dosing


Infra-Red Laboratory Dyeing System with 1 container x 5000cc