Laboratory Carding Machine

Laboratory Carding Machine

Small scale complete carding machine for Laboratory use, working/web width 500mm. Used to accurately simulate the working condition of all types of common fibers (wool, cotton and synthetics) under conditions preset by the operator. By means of easy adjustments it is possible to analyze both short and long fibers.

Size in cm: 86x146x173 h
Origin: Italy
Power Supply: 220V 50/60 Hz three phases

Packing estimated specifications (1 wooden crate)
Size in cm: 202x94x162 h
Volume: 3,076 m3
Gross weight:620,0 kg



  • For safety reasons the machine is covered with a steel frame, whilst its main functional parts are protected by Perspex plates permitting kind of visual assessment or inspection.
  • The output of the Card is a fiber web.
  • Suitable to prepare homogeneous colored fiber samples under variable conditions.
  • Downstream, such samples can be used for any type of analysis or verification.
  • For producers of synthetic man-made fibers (acrylic, polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, etc.) the use of the laboratory carding machine is essential to test both the quality and the homogeneity of fibers. It
    can be also used for the quality testing of the enzymes used during fiber processing.

The mean production is of about 4 kg per hour with a supply ranging from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of about 150 g/m. Instrument conceived for traditional textile laboratories, institutes, textile schools, as well as for the research and development of new fibres or blends.