Laboratory Coating Machine (Model: C-6)

Model: C-6
Laboratory Coating Machine
They make the works easier on developing the samples of value-added and functional fabrics. They also can be used to simulate the production condition and with good repeatability. The accuracy of thickness can reach 1/100 mm.

Electrical A/C motor with various speed
Electric data: 220V x 1 Phase x 50/60 HZ
Coating speed: 0.2~1.5M/Minute
Dimension: L63 x W62 x H40 cm
Sample size: 330 x 400 mm
Coated size: 280 x 280 mm

We also manufacture the type machine which is combined with dryer and coater, Laboratory Stenter Coating Machine C-5). This machine is designed for the convenience of feeding sample into the dryer just after coating.