Laboratory Computer-controlled Hydrostatic Tester (Model: 322)

Hydrostatic Tester

Hydrostatic Tester - 322
Model: 322
Hydrostatic Tester
Laboratory Computer-controlled Hydrostatic Tester

This machine suits to test the degree of anti-water of any thick, low air permeability and waterproof fiber, plastic fiber products, tape, canvas, clothes and so on. Commonly the tester has two types, active and static. With the computer-controlled monitor and easy operation, it suits the unit of quality control, research, and academy and so on. It can set the highest pressure and hold, and has automatic time counting. When the time is up, the machine will revert immediately. This testing machine has two-stage pressure acceleration system. It is essential and excellent machine for hydrostatic tester.

Test range: 0.0005~2 kg /cm²(5~20000mmH2O).

Speed of pressure: 0.06 kg /cm²(600mmH2O/min).
1 kg /cm²(10000mmH2O/min).

Display: kgf / cm², bar automatically exchange
Diameter of plate: ψ11.28 cm(100cm²).
Time control: 1~999999 seconds and power will be off
Way of press: Air-pressure
The clamp of test specimen: Pneumatic control
Clamp force: Over 400 kg