Laboratory Electric Steamer Boiler (Model: EB-24KL)

Electric Steamer Boiler

Electric Steamer Boiler - EB-24KL
Model: EB-24KL
Electric Steamer Boiler
Laboratory Electric Steamer Boiler

Water pipe type internal boiler made by special seamless steel tube, strong and durable, long life, high pressure-resisting.

Double sealed glass fibre non-conducting device, prevents from heat lost and saves fuel to reach higest effect of heat insulation.

Easy to install, won’t be limited by space, enclosed double devices of super high temperature and super high pressure save valve, safe and reliable.

Max working pressure: 10 kg / cm2
Hydraulic test pressure: 13 kg / cm2
Efficiency: 100%
Power load: 24KW
Equivalent evaporation: 36 kg / h
Feed water pump motor: 1 / 2 HP
Steam boiler size: L68 cm x W50 cm x H124 cm