Laboratory Hot Circulator Exact Oven (Model: RHDM-602)

Laboratory Ovens

Laboratory Ovens - RHDM-602
Model: RHDM-602
Laboratory Ovens
Laboratory Hot Circulator Exact Oven

Temperature range: +20°C~260°C
Inside size: W50 cm x H50 cm x D60 cm
Outside size: W75 cm x H62 cm x D116 cm
Voltage: 110 / 220 V
Capacity: 150L
Current: 4.6KW

This machine is made to the inside one-way level blows and circulates by force, PID Automatic calculation, Touch setting, Digital Temperature Controller that can be accurate to ±0.5°C and averaged to ±1.5%. Outside material is SECC steel plate which is been coated, inside material is stainless steel. It attaches two pieces drawers and over-temperature and over-current safe equipment, durable, safe and reliable.