Laboratory HT-Steamer (Model: HTS-3-A)

Laboratory Instruments

Laboratory Instruments - HTS-3-A
Model: HTS-3-A
Laboratory Instruments
Laboratory HT-Steamer

Effective sample size: 28 x 34 cm
Electric data: 220V x 1PH x 6KW
Steam consumption:
(Indirect) 5kg / hour
(Direct)  15kg / hour
Steam boiler is optional.

Besides curing function, this steamer is specially designed for fixation of the dyestuffs of printed goods. It can check the color shades in advance to avoid mistakes & losses to increase the efficiency of printing machines & paste preparations.

It performs well on saturated steaming at 102°C、high temp steaming process (102°C~220°C) and curing (20°C~220°C) as well.