Laboratory HT-Steamer (Model: HTS-3)

Lab Steamer

Lab Steamer - HTS-3
Model: HTS-3
Lab Steamer
Laboratory HT-Steamer

Besides curing function, this steamer is specially designed for fixation of the dyestuffs of printed goods. It can check the color shades in advance to avoid mistakes & losses to increase the efficiency of printing machines & paste preparations.

It performs well on saturated steaming at 102°C、high temp steaming process (102°C~220°C) and curing (20°C~220°C) as well.

Effective sample size: 28 x 34 cm
Electric data: 220V x 1PH x 6KW
Steam boiler is optional.

Steam consumption: (Indirect) 5kg / hour
(Direct)  15kg / hour