Laboratory IR Beaker Dyeing Machine

Model: IR-TYPE-C
Laboratory Equipments
Laboratory IR Beaker Dyeing Machine

This machine is the latest generation of IR beaker dyeing machine. It uses the thermal radiation heating, without any heat medium, so it is clean, environment-friendly way of sample dyeing and makes no pollution.

It uses the unique way to fix dyeing pots, so users can have the excellent leveling dyeing and low bath ratio effects. Optional dosing function can help to simulate production conditions well.

Option: Dosing function
Other models can be customized
Specification of dyeing pot: 150、300、500、1000、3000、6000ml
Way of cooling: Air cooling
Electric data: 220Vx1Φ、4(6)KW
Temperature range: 40°C~140°C
Speed of rotation: 5~60RPM The disk rotates clockwise and counterclockwise in turn.
Model specification:

IR-12 IR-24
150 ml 12pot Or 150 ml 24pot Or
500 ml 8pot 500 ml 16pot