Laboratory Leather Dyeing Machine

Model: H-4+4 / H-8+8
Leather Dyeing Machine
Laboratory Leather Dyeing Machine

This machine is used in tanning, fatliquoring and dyeing in the engine of leather. User adds infiltrate agent into the dyeing drum, then adds the good light fastness dye and leveling dye agent. When the dyeing drum is rotating, leathers would deeply rubs with each other. This action is helpful for the colors to penetrate into the deeper and harder parts of the leather. It suits leather、thick non-woven fabric and finishing treatment works.

Electric data: 220 / 380V x 3 PH x 12KW (or specify)
Rotary speed: 0~60RPM adjustable

Drum size: acrylic made (Small) Diameter150Φ x 114L (hole dia.60Φ)
(Big) Diameter250Φ x 111L (hole dia. 67Φ)


Machine dimension: H-(4+4)-116 x 73 x (76+42) cm
H-(8+8)-182 x 73 x (76+42) cm