Laboratory Pad- Steam Range


  • Pick-Up for 60% for 100% cotton, 45% for 50/50% polyester/cotton¬†KFG-2510 Laboratory Pad-Steam Range
  • Adjustable fabric speed control
  • Standard dwell time inside the steaming chamber from 30-90 seconds
  • Padding roller pressure adjustable independently on RH/LH
  • Safety devices include a safety rod in between the padding rollers plus an emergency touch ON/OFF button
  • Short distance between the padding rollers and the entry to the steaming chamber gives excellent reproducibility
  • All stainless steel manufacture


Technical Specifications:

  • Vertical padding mangle, roller diameter 125mm x 300mm effective working width.
  • Padding rollers produced of N.B.R. rubber material of 70o shore hardness
  • Pneumatically-Controlled padding roller pressure stays constant at all time.
  • Maximum pressure 6kg/cm. Accessories include Air Filter, Pressure Regulating Valves, Pressure Gauges.
  • Speed control by frequency inverter, standard dwell time 30-90 seconds
  • Steam trap float-actuated FUO type.
  • Steaming chamber highly insulated using quality asbestos material.
  • Main drive of 3-Phase 6-pole motor (380V x 3PH x 50HZ)
  • Adjustable dwell time in chamber from 30-90 seconds with digital display
  • Digital display temperature indicator
  • Steam consumption : 5 kg/hour for indirect steam
  • 15 kg/hour for direct steam
  • Machine weight : about 300 kg
  • Liquor trough of padding mangle : about 1000cc capacity

* Air compressor, External Steam Generator , steam/water piping, not included