Laboratory Pad-Thermosol Range (Model: PT-J)

Thermosol Dyeing Machine

Thermosol Dyeing Machine - PT-J
Model: PT-J
Thermosol Dyeing Machine
Laboratory Pad-Thermosol RangeThis machine can simulate the process of production. After padding, The samples are fixed onto the chain by clipped stick. Through these IR Pre-drying, drying, and thermosol processes, the samples will be delivered to the trough finally. The procedure can be changed according to users’ need.

Padding part: Horizontal type NBR rubber coated roller 125 mm diameter and 300 mm length. A rotatable chemical trough which consists four containers.
Pre-drying stage: 12 infra-red heating lamps in two rows
Drying stage: Total length is 1800mm, Hot air circulation, the temperature range is 100°C ~ 180°C
Thermosol part: Total length is 1500mm, Hot air circulation, the temperature range is 250°C (max.)
Machine dimension: 300 x 120 x 290 cm