Laboratory Padding Mangle-vertical (Model: P-A)

Padding Mangle

Padding Mangle - P-A
Model: P-A
Padding Mangle
Laboratory Padding Mangle-vertical

It uses compressed air to move the rubber rolling wheel. The pick-up rate can be adjusted to match the production line. It suits the tests of dyestuff, pigment, auxiliary chemical and resin. When it is in conjunction with Laboratory Stereotypes dryer(M-3) or laboratory tenter(M-6), value-added sample can be produced and submitted to customer.

Specification of roller: NBR rubber coated, with 125 mm diameter, 450 mm length.
Hardness of roller: 70 ± 2 degrees and the pressure resistance is 6kg/cm2
Speed of roller rotation: 10~12RPM  (Speed adjustor is optional)
Adjustment of pressure: One pair of pressure regulator valves. They can adjust the roller pressure individually on right/left side. Two pressure indicator.
Safety device: Emergency button switch and knee pedal touch.
Models specification: P-AO,P-BO,P-AI,P-BI
Air compressor is optional.