Laboratory Standard Multi-Source Supply (Model: ML4)

Light Source Box

Light Source Box - ML4
Model: ML4
Light Source Box
Laboratory Standard Multi-Source Supply

Multiple light sources reveal the metamerism phenomenon when samples match under one set of lighting conditions and not under another. By using a specially designed color matching such as multi-light, you are assured of more consistent and accurate color matching at all times.

Light sources including: D65, A, UV, CWF, TL84, U30
Resettable hour counter to indicate when lamps must be replaced.
Ultraviolet source can be used by itself or in combination with any of the light sources for detecting and evaluating optical brighteners, whitening agents or fluorescent dyes and pigments.
Meets or exceeds major international standards for visual color evaluation including: ASTM D1729, ISO3664, and CIE.
Electric data: 110 / 220 V x 1 Phase.