Laboratory Two Roll Plastic Mixing Mill

Model: S-4I
Two Roll Mill
Laboratory Two Roll Plastic Mixing Mill

The two roll mill is equipped with two rolls made of corrosion resistant steel. The surface is hardened and polished. Heavy duty slide bearings are applied as main bearings. The central oil supply and the application of high temperature sealings grant low-maintenance operation. Temperature control is done through a micro-processor controlled temperature controller. Heating is achieved by heating cartridges installed in the rolls and ensuring an even temperature distribution over the whole roll width.

The actual temperature is measured by a thermocouple. Place the rubber/plastic material and dye agents on the gap between two rollers and heat, the materials will be squeezed into pieces.

Roller: Pair of horizontal rollers. Length is 12 inches, diameter is 4 inches.
The rotate rate of front and rear roller: 1: 1.2
Motor: 2HP
The temperature can be adjustable.
Dimension size: L99 cm x D42 cm x H115 cm
Accessory: A block tray and comprehensive safety equipment.