Laboratory Washing Fastness Tester

Model: HB-TYPE
Washing Fastness Tester
Laboratory Washing Fastness Tester

Washing fastness test is one of the most important test for evaluation of textiles and the quality of clothes. This machine is designed to coincide the standard of CNS, AATCC, JIS, ISO, DIN, BS and so on. Except the main structure, the machine is produced from stainless steel material. The beaker is made of SUS 316L. It can resist acid and alkaline corrosion. The gasket with special materials can stand the dye stain and pollution. It has the characters of user-friendly, safe and durable and easy to do the maintenance.

Speed of rotate: 40 ± 2RPM

Volume of beaker: (AATCC Standard) is 500± 50 ml & 1150± 50 ml
(ISO Standard) is 500± 50 ml

Steel ball: 6mm (SUS)
Electric data: 220 / 380V x 3PH x 15KW