Light Fastness Tester (Mercury-Tungsten Lamp)-BS Standard (Model:RF1201BS)

  • Product Information:
    Light Fastness Tester determines the color fastness and degradation due to the effects of sunlight on textiles.
    RF1201AS Light Fastness Tester includes Mercury Tungsten Lamp, Test chamber, Sample holder, Cutting template, Balancing device, Timer, Tungsten lamp controller, Black Panel Temperature Meter, 400 or 500 watt standard tungsten lamp, conform to BS 1006 UK/TN standard. Suitable for textiles & leather testing.
    Test Scope:
    A range of textiles and leather
    Testing Standards:
    BS 1006 UK/TN standard
    500 watts Mercury-Tungsten Lamp, 400 watt mercury tungsten high power lamp
  • Specification:
    a)  400,500 watts Mercury-Tungsten Lamp
    b)  3 types of sample holder
    c)  Timers
    d)  Tungsten lamp controller
    e)  Black Panel Temperature Meter
    f)  Power Supply: AC230V, 50Hz/60Hz
    g)  Dimension: 450(L)×500(W)×480(H)mm
    h)  Weight: approx. 25kg
    Ordering information:
    RF1201BS     Light Fastness Tester
    RF1201BS/1  500 watt Mercury-Tungsten Lamp
    RF1201BS/2  400 watt mercury tungsten high power lamp
    RF1201BS/3  Cylindrical Cell
    RF1201BS/4  Water Cooled Cell
    RF1201BS/5  Carpet Cell