DATE: 2015

INFO: Multi-source lighting booth for visual color assessment.

LUXOR-X is the modern lighting booth for accurate visual appraisal of color and chromatic variation for any surface and opaque material. It complies with the technical specifications of AST D1729-96 (reapproved 2003) directives pertaining light sources and their spectral power distribution, illumination and viewing geometry, surrounding interference with the specimens, and apparatus maintenance.

Artificial daylight, Store, Home and UV light sources are available in the same apparatus to accurately estimate the metamerism effect, i.e. the visual color change when samples are illuminated under different light sources.

LUXOR-X finds its main application in various industrial sectors: textile, plastics, paint, wood, ceramics and automative.

A digital lamp timer is mounted to track lamp aging of each source type. A LCD interface promptly advices when to re-lamp in order to avoid that variation of spectral power distribution due to aging could negatively affect the visual color impression. An optional 45 degree viewing table prevents from observing the light source specularly reflected by the surface when viewing a glossy and shiny material .


  • ASTM D1729 “Standard Practice for Visual Appraisal of Colors and Color Differences of Diffusely-illuminated Opaque Materials” compliant.
  • Munsell N5 or N7 gray surround.
  • 4 different type sources for total 7 lamps.
  • 2 Daylight lamps (fluorescent): D65 – 6500K – Ra85. D50 or D75 lamps are available on-demand.
  • 2 Store light lamps (fluorescent): TL-84 – 4000K – Ra85.
  • 2 Home light lamps (incandescent): 2800K – Ra100.
  • 1 Ultraviolet light lamp (315-400nm): UV-A.
  • back-illuminated buttons to switch on the lamps.
  • lamp timer for each light source.
  • warning message on LCD when to re-lamp.
  • optional 45 degree viewing table.

Technical Requirements:

Environmental Condition

  • the lighting booth must be installed within an area free of mechanical vibration, dust and intense illuminating sources.

Power supply

  • 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 300 W, single-phase, ground and neutral. In case of frequent electrical disturbance (interruption of main electrical supply and/or voltage spikes) the installation of an UPS unit is highly recommended.
  • We highly recommend to install an independent earth line of power supply to efficienly disperse the electromagnetic disturbances.


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