Perspiration Tester (Model:RF6008)

  • Test Scope:
    Colorfastness test of textile to water, perspiration and sea water
    Loading weight set, perspiration tester and spring unit are crafted from imported high quality stainless steel 316, resistance to corrosion. Good appearance and durable.
  • Test Standards:
    ISO 105 E01/E02/E04, AATCC 15, AATCC 106, AATCC 107, BS 1006, M&S C6, M&S C7, GB/T 3922, GB/T 5713 and GB/T 5714.
    a)  AATCC weight set 3.63kg (8lb)
    b)  ISO weight set 4.08kg (9lb)
    c)  Weight of Acrylic 0.90kg(2lb)
    d)  Overall dimension: 200(L)×75(W)×150(H)mm
  • Stainless Weight for Option Acrylic Plate 1.5mm, 3.0mm

    Order information:
    RF6008     Perspiration Tester (Included 2 unit of RF6008/6, 1 set of RF6008/8, 2 packs RF6008/1)
    RF6008/1  Acrylic Plate, 115×60×1.5mm (21 pieces / pack)
    RF6008/2  Acrylic Plate, 115×60×3mm (21 pieces / pack)
    RF6008/3  Glass plate for M&S test, 60×60×3mm (10 pieces / pack)
    RF6008/4  Glass plate, 100×40×3mm (10 pieces / pack)
    RF6008/5  Perspiration Test Rack (Single unit), included 1 unit RF6008/6, a set of RF6008/8, a set of RF6008/1 (21 pieces/pack)
    RF6008/6  Perspiration Test Rack (Single unit)
    RF6008/7  AATCC+ISO Loading weight unit (Stainless Steel 316)
    RF6008/8  AATCC+ISO Loading weight unit (Steel with powder coating process)