pH and Temperature Meters

Waterproof pH Meter


  • KFG-2171 Waterproof pH MeterPortable pH meter with automatic calibration and temperature compensation from 0 to 100°C (32 to 212°F)
  • Offers same performance as a Bench Meter
  • Meter has three memorized buffer values (pH 4.01, 7.01, 10.01) and other automatic buffer recognition to avoid errors during calibration
  • When powered on, the percentage of remaining battery life is indicated on the display panel
  • Supplied with pH electrode and temperature probe, calibration and cleaning solution, battery, protective case and instructions

Range: -2.00 to 16.00 pH

Range: +/-699.9 mV, +/-1999 mV

Range: -20 to 120ºC, -4-0 to 248ºF

pH Meter and Electrode Stand


KFG-2171 pH MeterArticulated stand holds pH meter, electrodes and temperature probe.

Waterproof pH Temperature Tester


KFG-2172 pH Temperature TesterWith replaceable electrode accuracy ±0.1 pH. Waterproof pH temperature tester with replaceable electrode and an accuracy of ±0.1 pH. Item is also supplied with protective cap, electrode removal tool, batteries and instructions.

  • Dual-level LCD.
  • Battery level indicator.
  • Replaceable pH electrode cartridge.
  • Instability indicator.
  • Automatic shut-off.
  • Automatic calibration.
  • Waterproof casing that floats

Range: – 2.0 to 16.0 pH

Range: – 5.0 to 60.0°C / 23.0 to 140.0°F