Phenotest Consumable (Model:RFC0001)

  • Test Scope:
    Determine and evaluate the fabrics phenolic yellowing under transportation and storage. Comply with white or pale colored yarn, fabrics or finishing garments. Phenolic test may control white or pale colored fabric quality effectively and complaints being avoided.
    RFC0001 Phenotest consumables consists of perspiration tester, loading weight, glass plate, phenolic test paper, phenolic control fabric, BHT-Free film. Perspiration tester, loading weight and spring are made of imported high quality stainless steel 316 which is anti-corrosion. Good appearance and durable. Phenolic test paper, control fabric and BHT-free film are developed and produced by REFOND Equipment CO., LTD. which maintain at great quality and fulfill the standard requirements completely.
    Test Standards:
    ISO 105 X18, M&S C20B, GB/T29778, NEXT TM43, Adidas TM5.10
  • Order information:
    RFC0001     Phenotest consumables (Included a set of RFC0001/1, C0001/3, C0001/4)
    RFC0001/1  Phenolic Test Paper 100×75mm, 150 piece / pack
    RFC0001/2  Phenolic Test Paper 100×75mm, 50 piece / pack
    RFC0001/3  Phenolic Control Fabric 100×30mm, 25 piece / pack
    RFC0001/4  BHT-Free Film 400×200mm, 100 piece / pack
    RFC0001/5  Test Glass Plate, 100×50x3mm (10 piece / pack)
    RFC0001/6  Perspiration Tester (Single Unit), included 1 set RFC6008/6, 1 set RF6008/8 (or RF6008/7)
    RF6008/6     Perspiration Tester (Single unit)
    RF6008/7     AATCC+ISO Loading Weight (Stainless Steel 316)
    RF6008/8     AATCC+ISO Loading Weight (Steel with powder coating process)
    RF6008/9     Oven