Pneumatic Vertical and Horizontal Padders

Pneumatic Vertical Padder


  • 1 pair of padding rollers 125mm diameter x 450mm wide
  • NBR material of 70˚shore hardness, 3 ton nip pressure @ 5 kg/sq cm
  • Fixed fabric speed of 10 RPM
  • 2 diaphragm valves with individual pressure gauges and regulating valves
  • 1/4 HP electric motor with speed reducer 220V or 380V x 3PH x 60 or 50Hz
  • Safety devices include a safety rod, emergency stop button and knee pad
  • 1000cc capacity liquor trough with fabric guide bars and drain facility
  • Fitted with water spray and air gun for cleaning and drying

Weight: 340 kg (748 lbs)

Dimensions: 980mm (39”) W, 560mm (22”) D, 1500mm (60”) H


Pneumatic Horizontal Padder


Specifications as KFG-2500 except that the padding rollers are horizontally oriented and fitted with Teflon sealing plates at each end of the two rollers to allow liquor to be applied at the roller nip as well as by the liquor trough.

Weight: 370 kg (814 lbs)

Dimensions: 1000mm (40”) W, 600mm (24”) D, 1160mm (46”) H