Random Tumble Pilling Tester (Model:RF3194)

Random Tumble Pilling Tester, putting the test fabrics and cotton sliver into the test chamber which is backed with cork liner, steel impellers rotates at a constant high speed, together with compressed air injection into the chamber, tumbling the test fabrics against cork liners, to determine the pilling and fuzzing characteristics of textile fabrics.

RF3194 with 4 chambers (or 2 chambers for options),LED lighting for easy observation of the specimens through the front viewing windows。Compressed air is connected to each chamber for assisting in the tumbling action。


Test Scope:
for most of textile fabrics。
ASTM D3512, DIN53867, ISO DIS 12945-3, JIS L1076-D, GB/T 4802.4, NF G07-132
Parts and Consumables:
Cork Liners、Cotton Silver
a)  4 chambers (or 2 chambers for options)
b)  LED lighting
c)  Rotation Speed of Impeller:1200rpm
d)  Power:AC230V 50Hz/60Hz
e)  Dimension:480(L)×440(W)×680(H)mm
f)  Weight:Approximate 60kg
Ordering Information:
RF3194     Random Tumble Pilling Tester(4 Chamber)
RF3192     Random Tumble Pilling Tester(2 Chamber)
RF3194/    Cork Liners(50pcs/pack)
RF3194/2  Cotton Silver(9m/pack)