Rotary Crockmeter (Model:RF3178)

Rotary Crockmeter determine the color fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing particularly for printer fabrics. It includes stainless steel clip, test finger 16mm diameter which applies 1134 grams of pressure on a 16mm finger and rotate 1.125 turns clockwise then anti-clockwise. The operating handle however, only needs to be turned in one direction.

Test Scope:
Used for testing fabric, especially small size fabrics, printed fabrics, dry and wet rubbing fastness
Testing Standards:
AATCC 116, ISO 105 X16, GB/T 29865

Ordering information:
RF3172     Manually Crockmeter
RF3176     Electronic Crockmeter
RF3178     Rotary Crockmeter
RF3172/1  Test finger 16mm diameter(Tailor made for other test finger)
RF3172/2  Emery Paper (Pack of 25pcs)
RF3172/3  Crocking Cloths,50×50mm(Pack of 500pcs),AATCC/ISO
RF3172/4  Crocking Cloths,50×50mm(Pack of 500pcs),SDC
RF3172/5  Crocking Cloths,50×50mm(Pack of 1000pcs),Testfabrics
RF3172/6  Crocking Cloths,(Pack of 25pcs)