Scorch and Sublimation Tester


To determine color fastness to hot pressing and dry heat and to conduct sublimation tests. Providing controlled conditions of dry KFG-2420 Scorch and Sublimation Testerheat and pressure with top and bottom heated surfaces, electronic temperature controllers, and carefully controlled top plate weight.

  • Controllers for time and temperature, with over-temperature safety function to shut down the unit in case of over-heating.
  • Temperature sensor (Pt100), to control temperature accurately.
  • Two separate heating elements for top or bottom plates, individually controlled
  • 3 sets of plates can be individually controlled
  • Heating modeScorch: Single heatingSublimation: dual heating
  • Heating plate dimensions 50×110mm
  • Range of temperature Ambient to ~250℃
  • Test pressure 4±1KPa
  • Timer range 0~999S, LED display
  • Instrument size 780×290×200 mm (L×W×H)
  • Instrument Weight 20kg