Snap and Button Strength Tester

KFG-2078 Snap and Button Strength Tester

To assess the pull-out or breaking strength of strength of buttons, snap fasteners and other garment attachments
The attachments are gripped in one of the specially designed stainless steel top grips and the garment or fabric samples are fixed in the lower fabric clamp or optional vise.

Conforms to ASTM test method D4846KFG-2078

Standard Configuration
Test stand with hand wheel and lever operation
Imada analog force gauge 30 kgf x 0.1 kgf
Lower fabric or garment clamp with button/snap grasp kit, with both 15 and 25mm diameter apertures.
Upper snap clamp
Long nose vise grip
Upper stud clamp
Three-pronged clamp

Optional items
KFG-2078A Upper grasp button clamp
KFG-2078B Lower vise for sample garments or fabrics
KFG-2078C Calibration weight 15 lbs

Weight 40 kg (88 lbs)

Dimensions 240mm (10”) W x 290mm (12”) D x 750mm (30”) H