Spray Rating Tester (Model:RF4418)

Product Information:
Spray Rating Tester determines the water repellent of specimen, pour 250ml of distilled water into the funnel of tester and allow it to spray from a nozzle down a distance 150mm to the specimen which already mounted on a 45 degree test hoop. Compare with spray test rating chart, evaluating the grade by water remained on the specimen surface when test ends.

RF4418 Spray Rating Tester included Stand, funnel, spray test nozzle and specimen hoop, etc.
Test Scope:
All kind of fabric
Test Standards:
AATCC 22, BS EN 24920, BS 3702, ISO 4920, M&S P23, NEXT TM23, GB/T 4745
Spray Test Nozzle, Spray Test Hoop

a)  Spray angle: 45º from specimen
b)  Distance from nozzle to the center point surface of fabric: 150mm
c)  Distace from top of funnel to nozzle tip: 190mm
d)  Time required for pouring 250 ml distilled water into funnel until spray to empty: 25-30 s
e)  Overall dimension: 250(L)×270(W)×550(H)mm
f)  Weight: approximate 6kg
Order information:
RF4418     Spray Rating Tester
RF4418/1  Spray Test Nozzle
RF4418/2  Funnel
RF4418/3  Spray Test Hoop
RF4418/4  AATCC Spray Test Rating Chart